13 July 2006

Coup De Boule

Whether you're a soccer fan or not, you must have heard about Zinedine Zidane and the head-butt he laid on Italian player Marco Materazzi. Well, now there's a jingly caribbean summer song about the incident (following quotes taken from this article)...

"Coup de Boule, the French translation for head-butt, was written after France's defeat by the three associates of Plage Records, a small label specialising in advertising music...The label's founders, brothers Emmanuel and Sebastien Lipszyc, and composer Franck Lascombes penned the Caribbean zouk-influenced song and its chorus "Zidane, il a tape" ("Zidane, the hit man"), as a cure to their post-defeat disappointment...Initially emailed to some 50 contacts, the song has been posted on the web, with French radio SkyRock putting it on its play-list and record labels and ringtone sellers fighting for its rights. Big labels could fork out as much as 100,000 euros for the rights, some industry sources estimate."
Oh boy...you can hear some of this smash hit below. I'd love to know exactly how long it takes for you to get sick of this tune.

Listen to "Coup De Boule" HERE.

(photo from HERE)