19 July 2006

Beg Yr Pardon!

Beg Yr Pardon #4 happened last night @ The Delancey. There were good times, great songs, many drinks, dancing and laughing and...well, yeah, all that and then some. About the bands, this is meant to be about the bands.

You know that Susu is an EAR FARM approved band so you'll understand why I made sure to get there early enough to catch their set. They thrill and wow and now I totally know many of their songs which makes for some moving and fist-pumping. I fight the fist pump though, I swear. I used to make fun of idiots who did stuff like that...but it came out during "Sawtooth". Again. Oh well, now I'm the fist-pumping idiot and I have Susu's awesome music to blame.


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Medic Medic
Who is this Medic Medic? They're a three piece band from Pittsburgh and they kicked ass last night. As I was heading downstairs to check them out, two different people said to me "you have to see this band, they're awesome"! Not sure they both said that same thing, but you get the point. Those people were right. The Medic Medic formula is a very simple concept that's rather tough to actually pull off. One drummer, one guitarist, and one female vocalist and they really impressed me. Not that they sounded like this band per se but I've been listening to a bit of Slayer recently and Medic Medic did a fine job of scratching that heavy metal itch I've had of late.

"Thee Eyes"

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The Song Corporation
The Song Corporation - band number three. I had actually checked these guys out online already...a few weeks ago after meeting Kristie (guitarist in The Song Corporation) at a previous BYP. I liked what I heard in their music but wanted to wait to see them live before posting about them so as to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility...er, form a more well-rounded opinion. Anyway, I was excited to see them live and all but I didn't expect to be so impressed by them. Their show was a blast, had a pretty sweet balance between mellow songs/female vocals and more rocking songs/male vocals, and they had all kinds of people dancing and grooving along...a bunch of people got up on the stage with the band and stuff too. Yeah, I'll be going to see them again soon - one Song Corporation show made me a fan.

"The Bug Speaks"

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Pink Noise
Pink Noise closed the night out with a bang. They arrived late due to car trouble but once they took the stage everything was instantly better. Actually, there were problems then too with some power issues but once THOSE got sorted everything was peachy. More so. They rocked and jammed like Sonic Youth of 15 years ago and I was once again extremely impressed with a band I'd never really even heard of before. Shame on me.

"Up For Days"

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So, after Pink Noise (and at other points in the night) DJ Fluxblog kicked out the jams (as did DJs The Obsessive Compulsive from Crackers United but I missed most of their stuff by going upstairs between bands) and got us all dancing a bit. Yes, even I was dancing...yikes. Turns out the theme for last night's party was the same as it always has been at Beg Yr Pardons - kick ass bands and a great time. See you at the next one? I'll be DJ'ing (a bit of a battle of sorts between myself and D from Soft Communication) so you better be there for support and to help me win by raising applause-o-meter levels with your cheers.

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