17 July 2006

EAR FARM suggestions for Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday - 18 July:
8pm - Beg Yr Pardon @ The Delancey - Everyone is slowly coming to understand how much fun these BYP shows are. Wake up. Best recurring indie-rock party in the city. Tomorrow night: Susu, Medic Medic, The Song Corporation, and Pink Noise.

Wednesday - 19 July:
8pm - Family Business Records Party @ Trash Bar - Drink specials galore and tons of great bands. I'm not kidding, I can not wait! You know you want to go and get your tits rocked off by Goes Cube. Just admit it. See you there? Thought so. Lineup: Object, Telenovela Star, Goes Cube, The Gritty Midi Gang, and Haunted Horses.