11 July 2006

Tim Young - "Gotta Go" (Victor Scott cover)

Is today Tim Young day here on EAR FARM? You may know Tim as the man behind the excellent Contrast Podcast or from the band Harold's Leap...perhaps as the bloglord behind The Face Of Today? Yes, it's true, Tim is a man of many talents and tops among them might just be covering indie-rock songs. Actually, that remains to be seen but he's off to a brilliant start.

Last Friday, Tim posted a cover version of "Gotta Go" by Victor Scott. Unless you seriously crippled your short-term memory, you'll remember Victor Scott from the recent post I did about his music in June. Tim has gone and created a cover song that's fun and offers a different take on one of Victor's best tracks. I really love what Tim has done with the song. For some reason, I could actually see Tim's a cappella version appearing in a hipster Sesame Street with a bunch of colorful furry monsters singing all the backup (and intro) vocal parts. Hm, sounds like a music video idea...anyway, let's get on with it!

"Gotta Go" (Tim Young version)
"Gotta Go" (original version)