14 September 2006

EAR FARM: Name That Tune - WINNER!

Hooray! We have our first winner of EAR FARM's Name That Tune!

Our winner correctly identified the following bits of songs:

#1 - NameThatTuneTwo - Song One = CSS - "This Month, Day 10"

#2 - NameThatTuneTwo - Song Two = Man Man - "Van Helsing Boombox"

#3 - NameThatTuneTwo - Song Three = Annuals - "Dry Clothes"

As a result she will win TWO albums (on CD, brand new and unopened) of her choice from the list on the side over there of EF's Favorite albums of 2006 (so far). Stay tuned for another round of EAR FARM's Name That Tune next month with three new songs and MORE prizes!