19 September 2006

Man Man @ The Spiegel Tent, South Street Seaport, 16 September 2006

Let me just tell you...I went to the Man Man show this past Saturday and my how things have changed in the short time it's been since their shows here at Cake Shop and at Mercury Lounge earlier this year. They now have a legion of fans who jump and dance around while singing their songs along with them. This included a near 'mosh' pit right where I was standing, a few guys without shirts, and a crowd surfer. The whole thing (being in this 'tent' with a shifty wooden floor at the South Street Seaport) had a definite bowels of a pirate ship feel to it. Bravo. Bravo to Man Man, and bravo to the fans who went to the show this past Saturday. You helped convince me that wild/crazy ass rock shows are not a thing of the long long ago. Here's to more future fun!

Watch some footage from the show on YouTube HERE and HERE.

Visit Man Man on MySpace.

***checking out I Am Fuel, You Are Friends I was just made aware that today is National Talk Like A Pirate Day...thought I'd share since the whole notion goes along with the atmosphere at this show***