08 September 2006

EAR FARM: Name that tune!


One month ago EAR FARM premiered the Name that tune monthly contest. Much interest from you guys resulted in ZERO correct guesses. As a result the prize this time has been increased!

The deal:
I'm going to post fifteen second portions of three songs here, each by a different artist. They've all been featured previously on EAR FARM so if you've been paying attention, or are good at research, this should be a piece of cake. All you have to do is correctly name all three songs, and artists, and you'll get a sweet prize.

The sweet prize:
See the list on the right hand side over there? The one that says 'EAR FARM's favorite albums released so far this year'? Yes, well, the first person to correctly name all three songs, and artists, will win TWO albums (on CD, brand new and unopened) of their choice from that list. Ain't no joke, so jam on it!

***if nobody can guess all three this time then you guys suck***

#1 - NameThatTuneTwo - Song One

#2 - NameThatTuneTwo - Song Two

#3 - NameThatTuneTwo - Song Three

***You can enter your guesses in the comments to this post, or email them to me (earfarm at hotmail dot com). The game will end when someone has correctly guessed all three. Enter as often as you'd like.***


Answers from last time:
#1 - Arthur & Yu - "Lion's Mouth"
#2 - Peasant - "Icy Deep"
#3 - The Isles - "True South"