04 May 2007

Björk - "Innocence" & "Declare Independence"

In case you've been asleep for the past few weeks, here's what's up. Björk is back in full effect with a brand new album called Volta (buy HERE) set for release on the 8th of May. She recently dominated Coachella, SNL, and Radio City Music Hall - with two more shows still on the schedule in New York before she heads to Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Vancouver, and the Sasquatch Music Festival. If there's any doubt that Björk is one of the world's great living artists... well, there just isn't. How could there be? But in case you were wondering, her new album is excellent.

Below are two tracks from Volta, Björk's sixth full-length solo studio album. The first, "Innocence", is one of three tracks that were produced by Timbaland and will be the second single released from this album. If you're feeling creative in an I'm a filmmaker kind of way, Björk is inviting you to create a video for "Innocence". More on that HERE. The second track posted below is currently my favorite from the album and comes across as if it were produced by Trent Reznor; that is if Trent Reznor were still actively creative and pushing his own boundaries a bit. Björk has dedicated this song to the Faroe Islands and Greenland, encouraging them "to 'declare independence' from Denmark, singing 'raise your flag higher, higher.'"

To say I'm disappointed to have not gotten tickets to any of her shows here in NYC would be an understatement. So, who's got extras for the Apollo show?

"Declare Independence"

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