16 May 2007

Via Audio, Bell @ Pianos - 15 May 2007

Via AudioThough this was my third time seeing Via Audio (links to first and second) it was the first time I've been able to fully pay attention to their show. I was very impressed. Not just by the continuous trading off of instruments, but also by the incredible variety of songwriting that exists within this one band.

"Modern Day Saint"

Visit Via Audio on MySpace, see more pictures (from this show) of Via Audio HERE.

BellBell played the first of three scheduled Pianos May residency shows last night and kicked major ass. They had a substitute drummer for the evening (named Gunnar, he was fantastic) but didn't miss a beat as they played through a set that included a brand new song, some old favorites, and two fun '90s covers. I must say that I'm currently head over heels in love with the song "Chunk" and the entire audience seemed to be pretty thrilled with Bell's version of "Lump". Check out the picture above of Olga singing "Lump" on the floor in front of the stage with two members of Via Audio, and dig on the two MP3s posted below from last night's show. You too can join in on the fun at one of Bell's two remaining shows (next Tuesday and then again on the 29th) at Pianos.

"Chunk" (live @ Pianos - 15 May 2007)
"Lump" (live @ Pianos - 15 May 2007)

Visit Bell on MySpace, see more pictures (from this show and others) of Bell HERE.