22 May 2007

Top ten things to do in New York tonight

You may not realize it, but each day is a struggle for me to not turn this site into a daily posting of lists. Anyway, here are ten things that involve music that you might want to consider doing tonight:

10. watch the American Idol finale
9. go see the Yankees vs. the Red Sox and listen to the National Anthem before the game, watch the grounds crew dance to "YMCA", hear "God Bless America" in the middle of the 7th inning, listen to "New York, New York" as you exit the stadium
8. see Elliott Yamin @ Bowery Ballroom
7. see The New American Songwriter Tour @ The Living Room
6. see The New England Symphonic Ensemble play Beethoven, Mozart, and Vivaldi @ Carnegie Hall
5. see The Jesus and Mary Chain @ Webster Hall
4. go to Lido Bar for games and drinks and the DJ stylings of Robot Hot Dog
3. go to the Man in Gray listening party @ The Delancey
2. see night two of Bell's residency @ Pianos
1. all of the above: grab your iPod with your favorite Beethoven, Mozart, and Vivaldi pieces, set your DVR to record #s 10 and 9, hit up The Living Room first for some singer-songwriter action, then head to the Delancey to hear some of the new Man in Gray, pop by Bowery to catch a song by your favorite from last year's AmIdol - Elliot Yamin, head over to Pianos for Bell's set, stop in at Webster to catch the end of JAMC, then head out to Lido for a late night DJ party!