24 May 2007

The Rosebuds, The Ladybug Transistor, Bowerbirds @ Bowery Ballroom TONIGHT

Ya'll know by now that I lookout for bands from my home town/state, so just imagine how happy/excited/proud I am to have TWO of North Carolina's best bands playing Bowery Ballroom tonight. Plus, one of the members of Bowerbirds is a friend of mine from high school. So come out tonight and support a fellow Jaguar! My school spirit is at an all-time high! I might even wear my letter jacket to the show tonight...

Honestly, all nepotism aside, this is a killer lineup well worth your time and money. Be sure to get there early enough (by 8:15pm I've been told, the set times below are my estimates) to see Bowerbirds.

Tonight at Bowery Ballroom:

10:30pm The Rosebuds (listen: "Blue Bird")

9:30pm The Ladybug Transistor (listen: "Song for the Ending Day")

8:30pm Bowerbirds (listen: "Dark Horse")