09 May 2007

Ruined Music One Year Anniversary Party @ The Delancey - 8 May 2007

The photos above are of last night's Ruined Music One Year Anniversary Party @ The Delancey. I was able to hang around long enough to see the first two readers (above: pictured first is Nichelle Stephens, second is Mick Stingley) and first two bands (above: pictured first is The Shondes, second is Beat Radio) - it was a blast. No offense to the bands, DJs, or free PBR, but I think my favorite part was Mick's reading.

The Shondes - "Let's Go"
Beat Radio - "Everything is Temporary"
Unsacred Hearts - "Somewhere Deep In NYC"

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The Shondes
Beat Radio
Unsacred Hearts
Ruined Music

See more pictures from this show HERE and HERE.