10 March 2007

Goes Cube Tour Day Four

Do you know what makes bourbon so special? The sweet Kentucky water, according to our friend Phil. Day four started in who-knows-where West Virginia and ended in Louisville, KY. Someplace in between the two we managed to stop at a gas station directly next to a sign which read "Woodford Reserve to the right". Without much discussion the Odyssey took a detour towards this rather famous distillery where we were served bourbon balls, coffee, and...bourbon. On the way we managed to get lost and asked for directions at a horse farm. Thankfully they knew exactly where we wanted, and needed, to go. You know, come to think of it, Kentucky appears to be a whole lot of horses and bourbon and not many people who like to go see live music. I've formed this opinion based upon a very limited amount of knowledge but I stand by it.

We got to Louisville with time to spare and found another motel before loading in to the venue. Smart boys here. Once we got to the Rudyard Kipling we were made aware of the lineup for the night: Goes Cube, Vixen (some "burlesque" performer - see picture), and then Halophile. Already fearing the worst we made plans for a swift getaway. I keep thinking of the people who come out to see Goes Cube when they play in NYC and wonder what it feels like for the guys to play to virgin ears every night on this tour. Last night, not so many ears.

The band ended up playing to an audience of about 5 people. Disappointing yes, but it didn't stop Goes Cube from getting busy. They ripped through a fierce set backed by what turned out to be the best overall venue sound thus far. The lack of audience members made it possible for me to roam around wherever I wanted to grab choice angles for filming. Angle angle violin bow boom crash guitar shred thunder bass angle angle scream yell fill chorus guitar shred angle angle zoom cymbal cymbal double bass scream - tons of great footage. Ultimately I feel like the show left the band with an empty feeling but I'm rather certain at least one fan was made this night.

Do you know what makes Goes Cube so special? They'll rock your venue ten times harder than any other group can, Kenny's like Conan, David's like Tarzan (and Matt's like a skinny King Kong)...in other words, they're runnin' the show. But no, seriously, it's on to Nashville for us - country music capital of the world. Perfect. But first, we're going to need to stop by Maker's Mark (here we go again) for one more sip of Kentucky perfection. Oh Kentucky, could you be any less wonderful yet full of liquid/equestrian excellence?

Goes Cube tour 2007 upcoming shows:

10 March - Ruby Green
514 5th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee

11 March - Newby's
539 S Highland St, Memphis, Tennessee

13 March - Lakewood Bar and Grill
6340 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, Texas

14 March - Woody's w/ Nakatomi Plaza
321 W Ben White Blvd, Austin, Texas

15 March @ 1:00 PM - The Chain Drive w/ Catfish Have, Midgetmen, Black Tie Revue and more
Austin, Texas

16 March @ 4:00 PM - Ruta Maya w/ Foreign Islands, Takka Takka, and A Place To Bury Strangers
3601 S Congress Ave, Austin, Texas

19 March - The Bean
2011 Ave De Mesilla, Las Cruces, New Mexico

21 March - Beauty Bar w/ Foreign Islands
San Diego, California

22 March - The Viper Room w/ Foreign Islands and Street Drum Corps
8852 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, California

23 March - Studio 99 w/ Foreign Islands
Bakersfield, California

24 March - Brain Wash w/ Foreign Islands
San Francisco, California

26 March - Larimer Lounge w/ Foreign Islands
2721 Larimer, Denver, Colorado

28 March - El Torreon w/ Witch and Hare
3101 Gillham Plz, Kansas City, Missouri

29 March - The Ground Floor w/ Foreign Islands
215 E Main St, Belleville, Illinois

30 March - The Iron Post w/ Foreign Islands
120 Race St, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

31 March - Elbo Room w/ Foreign Islands
Chicago, Illinois

1 April - Town Hall Pub w/ Foreign Islands
Chicago, Illinois

2 April - Elbow Room
6 S Washington, Ypsilanti, Michigan

3 April - Cafe Bourbon St w/ Necropolis
Columbus, Ohio

4 April - Garfield Artworks
4931 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

6 April - Mercury Lounge w/ Bang Camaro
New York, NY
Listening to right now:
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - "Here We Go Again"

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