16 March 2007

Goes Cube Tour Day Ten

Yesterday Goes Cube was slotted to play the Rainbow By Rainbow West show with nine other bands appearing on two stages. I figured it would be a pretty nice show but for whatever reason it wasn't exactly that. The turnout ended up being far less than I expected and while Goes Cube played their set on the inside stage most of the few people at the club decided to hang out outside. It was a beautiful day, so that's pretty understandable. Except that I'm not too sure why many members of the other bands couldn't muster the decency to hang out and watch Goes Cube when that's precisely what the three guys from Goes Cube had done during their sets. At any rate, the guys were supremely tight and professional and decided to reenergize by heading to the capitol building for another patented picture (see below).

After the jumping we all headed back to our temporary residence to unwind and watch Stranger Than Fiction. Spoon song after Spoon song appeared in the film and then suddenly a song by The Jam showed up near the end. It's posted below, enjoy. We're off to another show with a killer lineup. Show, sleep, show, sleep...that's entertainment.

Goes Cube tour 2007 next show:

16 March @ 4:00 PM - Ruta Maya w/ Foreign Islands, Takka Takka, and A Place To Bury Strangers
3601 S Congress Ave, Austin, Texas
Listening to right now:
The Jam - "That's Entertainment"

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