07 March 2007

Goes Cube Tour Day One

At noon I brought myself, three bags of camera gear, my clothes for a month, the few VHS tapes I still own (Wonder Boys, Bowfinger, Terminator, and Legally Blonde (that's right)) and a sleeping bag to the bassist Matt's house. He owns the van, our home away from home. Within a few minutes massive amounts of musical instruments and bags were skillfully set in place in the back of Matt's Honda Minivan and we were on our way.

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An aside...shit. As I type this right now, remembering the events of yesterday, I just realized that we bought a Megamillions lottery ticket. The four of us put in $0.25 each hoping to win a share of the $370 million jackpot. The drawing was last night! Did we win? Tell me - did we?

We had an incredibly easy trip down to DC in terms of traffic and arrived early enough to unload our personal items at our residence for the evening (the other Matt's cousin's apartment) before heading to the venue. Once that was accomplished we loaded in gear at The Red and the Black and I got myself a nice bowl of red beans and rice (at the venue) for dinner.

The first band was a five piece from College Park, MD called Dawn Treader. They exploded with a wall of noise and well timed larynx shredding. My ears today send thanks to their Marshall stacks.

Goes Cube played second and hit the ground running with a very tight set that seemed to fully impress the audience. Strangely, at the end of each song, however, people seemed to forget that they were yelling "fuck yeah!" mere minutes before during the song and instead offered up some rather lackluster clapping. Still, the guys had a great show and, with a few people there to just see them, managed to make enough money to pay our way thus far.

Third band was Constants from Boston (who rolled up in a converted old school bus fueled by vegetable oil) and they brought a full on stadium style show to the diminutive venue. They had a wall of amplifiers and a coordinated light show that ended up looking pretty sweet on my camera. I'll show you sometime, if you're lucky.

Not much to report after that, as we just hung out at the bar a bit before loading out and heading back to our beds on the floor. Today brings a show in Chapel Hill (yay hometown area) and I'll be manning the controls of the Honda for the journey down there. After that it's on to Kentucky and Tennessee. Yay South! Yay tour.

Goes Cube tour 2007 upcoming shows:

7 March - The Cave w/ Red Collar
452 1/2 Franklin, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

9 March - The Rudyard Kipling w/ Halophile
Louisville, Kentucky

10 March - Ruby Green
514 5th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee

11 March - Newby's
539 S Highland St, Memphis, Tennessee

13 March - Lakewood Bar and Grill
6340 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, Texas

14 March - Woody's w/ Nakatomi Plaza
321 W Ben White Blvd, Austin, Texas

15 March @ 1:00 PM - The Chain Drive w/ Catfish Have, Midgetmen, Black Tie Revue and more
Austin, Texas

16 March @ 4:00 PM - Ruta Maya w/ Foreign Islands, Takka Takka, and A Place To Bury Strangers
3601 S Congress Ave, Austin, Texas

19 March - The Bean
2011 Ave De Mesilla, Las Cruces, New Mexico

21 March - Beauty Bar w/ Foreign Islands
San Diego, California

22 March - The Viper Room w/ Foreign Islands and Street Drum Corps
8852 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, California

23 March - Studio 99 w/ Foreign Islands
Bakersfield, California

24 March - Brain Wash w/ Foreign Islands
San Francisco, California

26 March - Larimer Lounge w/ Foreign Islands
2721 Larimer, Denver, Colorado

28 March - El Torreon w/ Witch and Hare
3101 Gillham Plz, Kansas City, Missouri

29 March - The Ground Floor w/ Foreign Islands
215 E Main St, Belleville, Illinois

30 March - The Iron Post w/ Foreign Islands
120 Race St, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

31 March - Elbo Room w/ Foreign Islands
Chicago, Illinois

1 April - Town Hall Pub w/ Foreign Islands
Chicago, Illinois

2 April - Elbow Room
6 S Washington, Ypsilanti, Michigan

3 April - Cafe Bourbon St w/ Necropolis
Columbus, Ohio

4 April - Garfield Artworks
4931 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

6 April - Mercury Lounge w/ Bang Camaro
New York, NY
Visit the bands from this post on MySpace:
Dawn Treader
Goes Cube

PS - this is post # 1,000 and I'm stealing these internets in the hallway of the building we're staying in...next time I hope to post some songs we've been listening to and maybe even a picture. You're right to be quivering with anticip-p-p-pation.