29 March 2007

Goes Cube Tour Day Twenty-three

Yesterday we made our way to Kansas City. By now, you know the routine. We stopped in lovely Topeka, KS on the way to take the above photo. Then we stopped by Oklahoma Joe's for some excellent Kansas City BBQ (photo below). I'm fairly disappointed that we never actually got any Memphis BBQ on this trip; but out of the three regions I've had, I'd place KC barbecue last behind North Carolina and Texas. Though their spicy BBQ sauce here in KC is pretty darn tasty.

The show last night was fairly unremarkable. The venue was old and gross with no alcohol, terrible sound, and even worse bathrooms. I mention these things simply because they may explain why nobody showed up to the club. Or not, who knows. Anyway, the band before Goes Cube (Witch and Hare) were entertaining in a ragtime meets The Pretenders kind of way. Check out their songs on MySpace, but know they don't tell the whole story. Their lead vocalist has endless energy and wails. If you're in Kansas City go check out their live show sometime.

Goes Cube were super tight as usual. Go figure, they've only been playing every day for a month. I can't wait for the homecoming show. They're gonna kill Mercury Lounge. As for last night, they played well but there just wasn't anyone there to see the show other than me and three people from other bands on the bill. After the show I went outside and saw some people in the parking lot. They had started out standing in the venue but left soon after Goes Cube took the stage. When I asked why they came outside their collective response was "Goes Cube was too loud". Um, it wasn't really that loud. And to be honest, the guitar and vocals should've been louder.

Goes Cube tour 2007 next show:

29 March - The Ground Floor
215 E Main St, Belleville, Illinois
Listening to right now:
The National - "Fake Emipre"

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Witch and Hare
Goes Cube

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I forgot to mention a few days ago that our tour mates Foreign Islands were forced to withdraw from the tour and head back to New York. Read more about it HERE.

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