23 March 2007

Goes Cube Tour Day Seventeen

The Viper Room is tiny. Did you know that? I didn't. I expected something much larger. Not like it matters. Goes Cube slayed the audience last night with their best performance of the tour. The audience (including some industry types) appeared to be very impressed, and they should've been. The guys poured everything they had into the show last night. I was equally proud and blown away. (lame simile alert) They killed the Viper Room like the Viper Room killed River Phoenix. Sorry.

I wasn't able to catch Street Drum Corps (as I left early to head to my parent's house in the OC - they moved here from NC a few years ago) but the other two bands I saw (Foreign Islands and Daughters of Mara) also had great performances. The night was a definite victory for all involved.

Now, I'll be taking a few days off from the tour to spend time with my family here in Southern California. You can expect a return to tour diary postings after I rejoin the band on Monday in Denver. Here's wishing them the best in Bakersfield and San Francisco!

Goes Cube tour 2007 next show:

23 March - Studio 99
Bakersfield, California
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Low - "Breaker"

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