28 March 2007

Goes Cube Tour Day Twenty-two

Yesterday was our final travel day of the tour. That meant no show, lots of driving (we've currently driven over 6,000 miles). We got a late start (due in part to the fact that David was demanding a shuffleboard rematch, Dan and I lost - go figure/serves me right after all of that boasting) and ended up stopping at a Days Inn in Russell, Kansas.

From here it's on to Kansas City tonight and then 7 more shows in a row before we get back to New York. Keep in mind the homecoming show on April 6th at Mercury Lounge - I expect to see all of you there ready to marvel at my tour beard.

Now, how about a few links:

Goes Cube tour 2007 next show:
28 March - El Torreon w/ Witch and Hare
3101 Gillham Plz, Kansas City, Missouri
Listening to right now:
Bell - "Expanding File"

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