05 October 2007

EAR FARM: Heavy Rotation

EAR FARM's Last.fm tells only part of the story, so let's check in with the 10 albums getting the most attention at EF HQ at the moment. There's a song from each album posted below, and a link to purchase each on Amazon/iTunes (if available).
Yes by Morphine - It's been a Morphine kind of week. I truly love this band and I feel lucky that I was able to see them live as many times as I did.

White Chalk by PJ Harvey - There's not another female artist whose music I adore more than Polly Jean's. Her records have changed my life - can't say that about many musicians. So far, White Chalk hasn't totally blown me away, but there's still time. And hey, let's face it, anything she puts out is going to end up getting a lot of play in my world.Lady's Bridge by Richard Hawley - Every so often I wonder why there aren't more crooning rockers in this world. Then Richard Hawley puts out another album that makes me shut up and listen for a good 10 months. I find his music "dreamy". There, I said it.A Place to Bury Strangers by A Place to Bury Strangers - One of NYC's best bands is finally getting their due, thanks (in part) to an 8.4 from Pitchfork. I'm curious though... where were all of you Pitchfork muppets in Austin when A Place to Bury Strangers played for myself and like 8 other people at Ruta Maya? Prolly seeing Deerhunter or something. Pfft.Fort Nightly by White Rabbits - Wow. Got this one from eMusic and it kind of shocked me with how excellent it is. Potential for a Fort Nightly year-end list appearance? Pretty darn good.Dandelion Gum by Black Moth Super Rainbow - Why does it surprise me that everyone I talk to about this record loves it? Shouldn't be a surprise at all. This some tasty gum ya'll.Manners Matter by Mancino - If you like either of the two albums directly above this one, you'll love Manners Matter. Trust me. When you realize I'm right, make plans to see Mancino LIVE at EAR FARM's Second Annual Halloween Show - 31 October @ Club Europa in Brooklyn.Beautiful Targets by Hopewell - Another of NYC's top bands, you can see them LIVE at EAR FARM's Second Annual Halloween Show - 31 October @ Club Europa in Brooklyn.Goes Cube Songs 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53 by Goes Cube - If you see me walking, and rocking out, around town, chances are pretty good that I'm listening to one of these songs. See Goes Cube LIVE at EAR FARM's Second Annual Halloween Show - 31 October @ Club Europa in Brooklyn
    Listen: "Goes Cube Song 46"

    (you'll have to wait a little while before you can buy these songs)
We Are Him by Angels Of Light - Darkness. Madness. Genius. A top album of the year for me for sure.