20 October 2007

Mancino @ the Indaba Loft - 18 October 2007

On Thursday night Mancino played one of the many Indaba Loft shows happening during CMJ. They were without their drummer (Jonathan Mason) for the second time in their history, and like before they reworked some of their old songs to fit this two person lineup.

For someone who is as in love with this band as I am, these new arrangements bring about excitement and wonder and joy. Let's face it, even the slightest little change in song structure is something I'd notice with Mancino songs. Therefore, I loved this performance - but sorely missed having Jonathan present on drums. However, none of this is really what this show was about.

It seems that Mike (the very same Mike you've been reading here on EAR FARM) and Nadim have been hard at work in the studio, bringing THREE new songs to the delighted audience at this show. All three of the songs blended together and were played as a suite. They showed a different side of Mancino, a textural and slow-change side of the band not normally seen much in the songs they've written to this point. I, for one, very much enjoyed all of the new songs and am looking forward to seeing what comes of them once their percussionist returns from exile in LA LA land. You can watch a video of them performing one of the new songs below, or hear them live for yourself tonight at the Delancey.

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20 October - Hot Rocks/StereoactiveNYC Official CMJ Showcase @ The Delancey
31 October - EAR FARM's Super Spooky Halloween Show @ Europa w/ Goes Cube, Hopewell and the Giraffes

"Five Blades"

"Untitled new song #3" live (from this show) on YouTube | download QT

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