17 October 2007

Arizona @ the Indaba Loft - 16 October 2007

This just in, the folks at Indaba Music have put together quite the enticing package to lure prowling CMJ daywalkers. They've turned what I believe to be their corporate office - a three floor walkup loft on Bowery - into a swarthy (referring to lack of AC and not preponderance of chest hair or gold chains) cauldron of kegs, plush couches, and intimate live performances.

Yesterday, Arizona redefined the very concept of "intimate live performance" as all five of the Asheville-by-way-of-NYC troupe were splayed out amidst rugs and pillows in the corner of the loft and churned out an entrancing set of gorgeous, heartfelt and innovative American rock that translated perfectly to the acoustic setting.

Sadly, prior to this performance my knowledge of the band was almost exclusively limited to guitarist Andrew's participation in our Hangar 18 Fantasy Football League. And while I had heard their most recent EP Fameseeker and the Mono in the background recently and really enjoyed it, part of the reason I went to check them out yesterday was to gloat to Andrew that I would never ever trade Tom Brady to him despite his myriad of proposals. What's my point?

Well, there is a lesson here to all those who may consider fantasy sports and the broader universe of professional sports as incompatible and irrelevant to the decidedly insular world of indie rock. If it were not for our shared fantasy jones, I may not have seen Arizona yesterday. And if I hadn't seen Arizona yesterday, I would have missed a band who is poised to join Okkervil River, My Morning Jacket and Wilco as the torchbearers of kickass American rock 'n roll music. In this relaxed setting, they exhibited such an impressive range of dynamics and soulful harmonies that I cannot imagine how much this band must rock when fully amplified. You can't either? No need to, you can see them at either of their other CMJ performances listed below. Amen to that bro.

And for the record, I'm kind of thinking of trading Tom Brady to Andrew now.

See Arizona live - CMJ dates:
17 October - ASCAP Showcase @ Canal Room
20 October - Scenic Showcase @ Galapagos


"Some Kind of Chill" live (from this show) on YouTube | download QT

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