25 August 2006

Brian Michael Roff and the Deer

Alright already, sheesh. Two posts that relate to my job and people are all up in arms. "Where's the new music?!" they demand. Here it is, and it's goood so you can cool your 'jetsons' out there you angry mob of EAR FARMers.

Months ago (yes months) I planned to feature Brian Michael Roff's music on EAR FARM. I had it all planned out with how things would fit together in the EF Monthly Mix and everything. What happened? One thing led to another and I never got around to it. Luckily he sent me a CD of his stuff to check out back then and I recently rediscovered it. Fans of American folk-rock will be happy I did. Happy I said.

Brian Michael Roff is a musician/artist from Massachusetts who's got one foot planted firmly in the world of lo-fi indie rock and the other in the realm of Americana, or folk-rock, as I just mentioned. Alongside banjos and harmonicas you'll hear a love of simple experimentation and honesty in this music. Jeff Tweedy? Lou Barlow? John Darnielle? Sounds to me like these guys have been influences...listen to the songs posted below and you'll hear what I mean. Not to sound too greeting card-y but Roff's songs are the sound of waking up and going for a walk in dewy grass, of sitting on your deck with friends and the perfect drink needing no conversation to make everything just right. If you live in the US, it's quite possibly the kind of life-soundtrack you hoped would someday find you. In fact, if I were you, I'd plan a roadtrip for Labor Day weekend and make sure you BUY plenty of Brian Michael Roff's music to guide you along your way.

"I Would Work If I Could"
"New North"

Visit Brian Michael Roff on MySpace.

Read an interview with Brian Michael Roff HERE.


Anonymous said...

I like it, this totally reminds me of Tweedy solo/Wilco.

::.:._^v^_.:.:: said...

"get a job, BMR!".

we love you!