22 August 2006

Weird Al - "Don't Download This Song"

"'Cause you start out stealing songs, then you're robbing liquor stores and selling crack and running over school kids with your car...so don't download this song" sings Weird Al in his new song titled "Don't Download This Song". Of course, he's being silly. He DOES want you to download it and so does his label who sent it to me in an email. Go for it, it's fun in a 'lame group song written for the American Idol contestants/typical Weird Al kinda way'.

I should've taken a moment to tell you what I think of this song...this isn't one of Al's more clever songs, not by a long shot. It's got no catchy pop foundation and I can't imagine the video really enhancing things very much. Used to be that Al's videos were a big part of his success so let's hope this big premiere tonight works out well. Also, for a topic such as downloading music I'm not sure Weird Al really hit the funnybone as hard as he could've. Anyway, this song is crap. Don't download this song.

"Don't Download This Song"

The premiere of the music video for "Don't Download This Song" tonight at 10pm PST HERE

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