11 August 2006

Square Root of Margaret

It's a perfect summer day here today in New York City, so how about some perfect music for the perfect day? Square Root of Margaret is a Chatham, Ontario based band that fits very well on the genre shelf next to bands like Of Montreal and The Shins. The songs I've been able to listen to online tell me right away that this is a band that's been together for a while and know very well their identity. The psychedelic tinged pop of songs like "The 3D Breeze" and "I Don't Know Why" could easily have been the result of a studio session collaboration between The Flaming Lips and They Might Be Giants. In fact, "Alien Frequency" could've been a discarded song from Factory Showroom if not for the extra bit of rock present in the guitar work. I'm name-checking here because you absolutely must check these guys out if you are a fan of any of the aforementioned bands.

From their bio:

Square Root of Margaret came into being sometime in the early 1990s - the exact date of conception is unknown. What began as instrumental psychedelic jams that would last into the small hours of the early morning has evolved over the years into a creative force. Their music is an endeavor at which they work ceaselessly, always pushing forward, always trying something new. The result is a sound that is often described as post-pop, with elements of space rock - for the lads in Square Root of Margaret, however, there is no simple, straight-forward explanation.
Post-pop? Did I say that? Naw. I'd say they're more post-pop ergo propter pop. Post-pop goes the weasel goes the weasel post-pop! Pop pop fizz fizz what a relief their indie pop is? Yes, sure. Call it whatever you'd like, I'll just say that this is some very good indie pop. Now listen.

"Chemical Love Song"

Visit Square Root of Margaret on MySpace to hear the other songs mentioned above.

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