16 December 2005

Alexandra Scott

Alexandra Scott found EAR FARM on MySpace a few days ago and I was immediately hooked on her music. For that very reason I wanted to try and give it a little time so I wasn't just posting a knee jerk reaction but you know what? Sometimes right when you hear something new you tell yourself "I like this...I'm really going to like this", and sometimes it's the truth.

Alexandra's songs are an interesting and inventive, literate mix of acoustic and electronic sounds. I can hear a ton of different influences in her music...some Suzanne Vega in "Good Girl" (partial song), Exile in Guyville era Liz Phair in "I Want A Boy" (partial song), as well as some Emmylou Harris and early Beck throughout (and many more actually). And you know what else? I can hear the South in her songs, I like that.

Now, I can almost guarantee that many many more people will be listening to her stuff sometime in the near future. Sure it's not a race, but if you want to WIN and start listening to her before those people...follow these instructions:

#1 - go visit Alexandra Scott on MySpace and check out her music (my favorites on there are "Please Don't Wake Me" and "Good Goddamn")
#2 - go visit her official site and hear a bunch of samples of her other songs (my favorites here are the already mentioned "Good Girl", "I Want A Boy" and then also "All I Ever Do Is Let You Go")
#3 - by this time you'll want to buy some of her music (I already did, yesterday)
#4 - if you're lucky enough to live in one of these places, you can go see her live!

Alexandra Scott live dates:
29 December 2005 - Gravity Lounge, Charlottesville, VA
17 January 2006 - Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY
14 February 2006 - Pianos, New York, NY