14 December 2005

U2 top tour of the year

From HERE:
"U2's Vertigo tour was the top-grossing trek of 2005, according to year-end figures from Billboard Boxscore that will be published in the Dec. 24 issue of magazine, which hits newsstands Friday (Dec. 16). Vertigo reported grosses of $260 million and drew more than 3 million people to 90 concerts, all of which were sell-outs."

EAR FARM likes to make things easy to read, here's a list culled from that article so you don't have to read paragraphs and things.

Top concerts of 2005
1. U2, grossed $260 million
2. Eagles, grossed $117 million
3. Neil Diamond, grossed $71 million
4. Kenny Chesney, grossed $63 million
5. Paul McCartney, grossed $60 million
6. Rod Stewart, grossed $49 million
7. Elton John, grossed $45.5 million touring (plus another $30 million via his Las Vegas show)
8. Dave Matthews Band, grossed $45 million
9. Jimmy Buffett, grossed $41 million
10. Green Day, grossed $36.5 million

Funny but I've seen a bunch of shows this year and the only one off that list I saw live this year was Paul McCartney. Anyone else see any of those acts? Wonder how much they'd all be raking in if their ticket prices were actually reasonable...