15 December 2005


The Flaming Lips told me (via MySpace) that I should go checkout Cheyenne when they play tonight at Lakeside Lounge. I love that bar.
Even though I can't go (work X-mas parties - boo!) I checked them out. Good thing 'cos their tunes I've heard so far ARE good things. I'm just scratching the surface of checking them out here, so bear with me, but there's a Silver Jews + Grandaddy thing going in their music. And, have they been on The OC yet? They will be, unless they're too close to "country"-sounding for that show...lookit me, like I've ever even seen one episode. Anyway, listen time.

"You Were The Sound"

And you should also go to these places to listen to them:
Cheyenne on MySpace
HERE you can stream their whole album

Remember - they're playing in NYC tonight at Lakeside Lounge.