10 March 2008

The Apes @ Slim's (Raleigh) - 8 March 2008

If we were to conjure up the most glaringly opposite and different setting to Amy LaVere and Chatham County Line at the Lincoln Theater, we couldn’t do much better than what was going down a few blocks away at Slim's. There, Washington D.C.-based psych-freaks The Apes set up in a cramped corner as Majestic Ape – the band’s ski mask-wearing keyboardist – antagonized a perplexed audience about the outcome of the Duke/Carolina game (UNC won, Duke lost). From there, the quartet blasted through a cacophonous showcase of yelps, synth-bleeps, and bottom-heavy baritone guitar riffs, melting faces in the front and alienating everyone else outside of their immediate vicinity. It wasn’t my favorite show, but it was certainly worth stumbling onto and provided my Saturday night with a second wind I didn’t know it needed*. More pics/videos after the jump...

The Apes

"Beat Of The Double" by The Apes live (from this show) on YouTube | download QT

See more pictures of The Apes (from this show) HERE.

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*words by Mike, pictures and video by Matt.