25 March 2008

Pete and the Pirates hail a cab

Recent BoW alums Pete and the Pirates have been keeping busy since releasing their outstanding debut album "Little Death" in February, touring endlessly throughout Europe (when oh when will you be coming stateside gents?) and most recently appearing on Britain's answer to La Blogotheque's Take Away Concerts, the Black Cab Sessions.

Watch above as vocalist Tommy Sanders and guitarists Peter Hefferan and David Thorpe tear through a portable version of "Knots" as said cab tears through the streets of London, or watch a higher res version over at the Black Cab Sessions site.

As their label - Stolen Records - told us before, a U.S. tour will hopefully come to fruition soon, though no dates have been scheduled yet. It's just as well they did this in a London black cab as opposed to a New York yellow taxi though, can you imagine the motion sickness?

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