17 March 2008


Largehearted Boy has an impressive list of 2008 SXSW live music downloads and streams

White Rabbits drive 27 hours straight to play SXSW, we got some pics from this show for tomorrow

San Francisco Chronicle: Vampire Weekend's risky sound

The A.V. Club: 14 overblown/advocacy songs besides "We Are The World"

The Observer must read EF because now they're harping on musicians-turned-actors

The New York Times details the return of the B-52s

How much profit does iTunes make on music?

Liars to open for Radiohead on tour

Harp Magazine, RIP

Pitchfork interviews Beach House
We are currently on the road, traveling to our final musical BBQ lunch today and experiencing difficulty with posting. New posts/more SXSW content in the coming hours/days as is possible. Check back!