04 March 2008

Spam Filter: Hey Hey My My, The French Are Coming!

My my my once bitten twice shy....oops, wrong song reference, sorry. Let's get to the real intel, shall we?

Inspired by Neil Young's famed refrain, "Hey hey my my, rock and roll will never die...", Parisian friends Julien Garnier and Julien Gaulier deliver folk glossed pop which otherwise bears no relation to their namesake. Described by critics as both "melancholic" and "joyous", Hey Hey My My's songs offer addictive hooks which feel like old friends. Think early Wilco meets early Shins, contrasted by a dash of inexplicable dada and an atom dose of punk stage presence. In other words: "baguettes", "ménage à trois" and "Pepé le Pew" aren't the only French terms destined for pop cultural osmosis.
Indeed. And forgive us for not giving proper notice to adjust your daybooks and iCalendars accordingly, but it just so happens the duo are touching down on American soil for their first U.S. shows EVER this week. Do yourself a solid and check them out at any (or all) of the following NYC-area shows:

5 March - Mercury Lounge w/Lightspeed Champion (7pm)
7 March - Southpaw w/The Epochs, The Subjects & Luke Rathborne
8 March - Sound Fix (Free Show - 8pm)

In the meantime, study up by heading over to Other Music's Digital Music Store and downloading HHMM's debut album. I would have liked to end this with a witty French kicker but alas, I cannot speak a word (except for some out of context naughty words my friends taught me once). Suitable ideas are of course welcome...

Listen: "Merryland"

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