27 January 2006

Broken Social Calendar and other sites to check out

Today is a busy day, so there won't be any posts other than this one. Instead, might I suggest you catch up on past Overlooked Albums from the 90's or the 8+ series. Or you could also check out these sites I've really been digging lately: marathonpacks, Motel de Moka, One Louder, rbally, and all of the other ones in my links on the right there. They're all very good. Know what else I realized? The other sites who are finalists for the Bloggie that EAR FARM is nominated for are all really great sites so check them out too: Golfwidow's Ministry of Silly Walks, Come To Find Out..., The Man Who Couldn't Blog, and Needcoffee.com. Then GO VOTE for one of us if you haven't already.

Now, because I have so many damn things I'd like to do this weekend but can't decide which ones I'll actually do, I'm going to post them here so that maybe some of you might go enjoy those I'm unable to get to...that is, if you live in NYC.

Friday the 27th:
Underrated Magazine's birthday party at Crash Mansion
Sam Champion is playing Mercury Lounge
Man in Gray is playing Scenic
Man Man is playing Cake Shop
Baby Dayliner is playing Pianos
Rainer Maria is playing Northsix
Limbs are playing Syrup Room

Saturday the 28th:
The Diggs are playing Mercury Lounge
SuSu is playing Sin-é
Black Dice are playing Syrup Room

There are a bunch of other great bands playing each of the shows listed above and I couldn't really get into all of that, but trust me - all of those above are worth your time and money. Know of a show I missed that's worth checking out? Post it in the comments here, as long as it's not SOLD OUT. Also, happy birthday to Mozart and look forward to some good LIVE MUSIC here on EF tomorrow!

UPDATE - so I went to Rachael's thing at Crash and then left and went to see Coyote and Man Man at Cake Shop. who knows about tonight but you can expect posts on Monday detailing these adventures.