25 January 2006

The Art of Shooting @ Sin-é, 24 January 2006

The Art of Shooting (link is to MySpace since their site isn't working) came on after Goes Cube and their show was, once again, excellent. I've told you before about their shows (HERE and HERE) and that you should check them out; hey, no harm in telling you again...

In terms of sound, they're musical cousins of Pretty Girls Make Graves and you can hear some influences like Sonic Youth and Siouxsie come through in what they play. Kelly (guitar) and Amy (bass) wail and rock out - they're awesome. Their drummer Oliver does indeed remind me of Stephen Morris with his style and tight playing and they've added Karen on keys, which is nothing but a good thing. When their official site is back up you'll be able to read more about them and buy their EP (which is well worth buying, btw) but for now you'll have to enjoy their MySpace page and the song I'm posting below. Don't worry though, it's one of the best songs released last year. Oh and by the way, The Art of Shooting is part of Ace Fu's Family Business.

The Art of Shooting - "Lost in Boredom"

(sorry about the picture but I was video taping the band last night so the pic here is a screen grab from video)